Try something different - prescription womens glasses

In my family, my father has the best eyesight. Sometimes, he boasts that his eyesight makes him able to be a pilot. Compared with my father, all the females in my home have poor eyesight. My mother wear short-sighted glasses when reading books and watching TV. My sister wears short-sighted glasses due to hard working. I wear long-sighted glasses at a very small age since my inborn poor vision. In my house, you can find a lot of women’s glasses. Except my mother, my sister and I change glasses every year. Thus, we form our own habit of buying glasses. Last year, we bought glasses in a big eyeglasses store when it organized discount activities. We both want to make some change this year. Thus, two sisters who are familiar with online shopping began to search online. Perhaps through this way, we can get bargains.

We looked through several online glasses store. Finally, the prescription online glasses store offered the lowest price women’s eyeglasses. The price was so impressive that led us to see more and know more about prescription women’s glasses. A lot of prescription women’s eyeglasses frames are made of metal; some are made from plastic material. Some are in narrow shape, some are in wider ones. Besides, it includes full rim glasses and half-rim glasses. When I choose a certain frame and lens, I can also have many color options. This is very considerate.

After looking and comparing, I was attracted by one. The glasses are full-rim with a two-color frame. The main color is black around the lens; the other color is very cute pink. This combination, on one hand, shows the modern, fashion and independence of women, on the other hand, still shows women’s lovely and attractive character. I am impressed by the color. I once had a black frame glasses which my mother said didn’t look good on me. Maybe this kind of design is my style.

My sister got her ideal one, too. She likes rimless prescription glasses and metal frame. The two pairs we bought only cost us 29.5 dollars. So cheap, aren’t they? We received our order yesterday and our fastidious mother spoke highly of them and couldn’t believe that it was possible to get such a good bargain. As our mother also wears glasses, we log to the website: again and try to give her a surprise. We know she will like it.