Tips on Choosing a Suitable Eyeglasses

After you have determined the power of your eyes, you can proceed to purchase the eyeglasses online. If you are using the glasses frequently, you need to choose one that is durable. Most online store will give you a free case to keep your glasses. The case contains a cloth to wipe the glasses. By putting the glasses inside the case, you will protect it from scratches.

The frames you choose must match with the shapes of your face. There are many types of face including round face, oblong face, square face and angular faces. Many online stores allow you to preview how you look with the glasses you choose. The inside of the frames have a series of number that is used to determine the width of the lens, bridge size and length of the temple. After that, you can select a frame that suits your style. The measurements are defined in millimeters.

Next, you have to customize the lens. Based on the prescription from the optometrist, you must fill in the online prescription form. Some of the terms that you will come across in the online prescription form include OD (right eye), OS (left eye), SPH (sphere), and CYL (cylinder). OD, also known as oculus dexter refers to the measurement of the right eye. OS, also called oculus sinister is the measurement for the left eye.

If you want to save money, you can use the coupon code during checkout. The coupon code can be obtained from the online coupon site. The coupon code is valid for a period of time. Each store price the frames and lens at different store. It is recommended that you check the price of the same model of glasses at different stores so that you can get the most out of your money. Before adding the eyeglass to the shopping cart, you must check the shipping rate and delivery option. It is important that the eyeglass is shipped within a time frame. It is best that you buy from a reputable eyeglass store so that you don’t get cheated. You can read customer reviews to see if anyone is complaining about the eyeglass store.

Customers who choose to buy prescription glasses online can also take advantage of the coupon code to get discount. Most coupon codes can give you a discount of 10% – 30%. The coupon codes are usually available during the seasonal holiday such as Christmas.