Rimless glasses, best choice

Well, I really don’t know how I should begin this paragraph. I am not an intelligent writer, and I am not a good seller. But I dare say I am a good wife and a good mother.

My family is warm and sweet. We love and trust each other, sometimes, though, we will have a quarrel with each other. But that means nothing. We still live together happily. Both my beloved husband and daughter have to wear glasses because their eyesight is not that good. My man doesn’t complain anything but my baby does. She says that the annoying article on her nose makes her feel uncomfortable and shameful, especially in summer and in face with those charming, no-glassses girls in her class. My husband and I once tried to persuade ourselves to give her an eye operation, but in vain. We were worried about the terrible side effects which might attack her later of her life. Of course we got her a pair of invisible glasses, only to make her feel more uncomfortable. That bothered me a lot since I don’t want my daughter suffer from it, however, I cannot came out with a perfect idea.

One day, back from school, my daughter asked me for rimless glasses. She said that she may look much more charming with a pair of rimless glasses. In our town, we don’t see rimless glasses, all full rimed or semi rimed. So I surf the internet and find a website There I find rimless glasses and they cost much less than I had imagined. I bought one pair for my honey and within two days the glasses arrived. My little sweetheart appears perfect wearing rimless glasses. This kind of glasses is timeless as they are very simple, and make my girl look confident and versatile.

I, quite satisfied with the decision I made, bought a pair of rimless glasses for my husband later, still from that shop My girl said proudly that her classmates like her rimless glasses a lot and they envy her. And my man told me his boss asked him where he got the cool glasses. It is definitely a sweet thing seeing them laughing more often than before. I never believe a pair of eyeglasses will change people and bring more happiness. So if you are being troubled with your glasses, why not try rimless ones. Maybe they can give you a new experience and a surprising change.