How to Get a New Eyeglasses Frames

Eyeglasses are evidently becoming indispensable accessories for fashion. Wearers usually focus on its style and color, while eyeglasses are once to be a vision correction and protection tools. But its essential aims are for a clear vision, more that, people should pay more attention and concern on its comfort and health. The ideal eyeglass frame should be a complication along with fashion, comfort, health, not one less.

Here are some points about selecting new eyeglasses frames

1, To ensure two good lenses can be perfectly installed, its optical center should coincide with the wear’s pupilary distance. If you have a plump face but with smaller pupilary, try not to vote for the big glasses frames.

2, Light weight frames are of safety and health, wear comfortable. Frame worn on the face can not have intimidated and will not rust and cause skin irritations.

3, Attractive looking is also very important. Style should be novel and fashionable in design, and the face is to have harmony with coordination, coupled with the edge of the lens after the lens to be thinner. Myopia deeper person should choose a smaller eyeglass frame.

4 Easy to use. Frame must to be stable, as well as not easily deformed and will not cause too much trouble to use. Myopia deeper, thicker lenses, avoid selection perforated eyeglass frame.

Fashion, different people have different choices. But the standard for health and comfort is the same, it must be lighter, corrosion-resistant, anti-allergic. It also depends on the materials of frame.

The most common materials of frame are two kinds of metal and plastic. Plastic frame sheet and injection molding two kinds of points, they are based on cellulose acetate as raw material, processed using different processes. Plastic frame has the advantage of rich colors, styles and diverse and shortcomings is not easy to do very slim. Among them, plate rack hardness, not easy to deformation, good gloss, style and more popular in recent years.

The metal frame materials are of extraordinary disparity, and common materials and their properties are:

1, Copper, zinc, nickel, chromium alloy: easy to be processed, variety in style, but with much heavy weight, impatience against corrosion, easy to cause skin allergies, the price is relatively low.

2, Monel alloys: almore corrosion-resistant, but are less flexible, the price is slightly higher, the quality is still heavier.

3, Stainless steel: corrosion-resistant, but somewhat weaker toughness.

4, Memory alloys: good elasticity, ability to restore the status quo ante, the price is higher but somewhat less corrosion resistance than titanium.

5, Open gold and platinum: is a precious metal, valued at more expensive.

6, Pure titanium and titanium alloy: light texture, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, anti-allergies, is an ideal frame material.