How to choose the correct frame for our prescription glasses online?

Nowadays, more and more peoples like to buy prescription glasses online as it is very convenient. You can get the accurate, economical and conformable prescription glasses exactly as you imagine online.

Some people may worry about how to choose the correct eyeglasses frame for your prescription glasses via the internet without actually trying on the eyeglasses frame in person. It was difficult to choose the most conformable frame for prescription glasses online. However with the technique innovation, the virtual try on system makes online eyeglasses shopping possible.

Here are some key points for you to choose the eyeglass frames that comfortable and fit well. First, read out or take a quick measurement of the original size from your old eyeglasses. Select frames with similar measurement as your current frame will always be the right direction to go. You may find the frame information like “Frame Size:54-18-135” on one side of the temple piece, and each number indicates an important measure of the frame.

For instance, 54, is the width of the lenses. 18, is the bridge size, which ensures that the frame fits your nose. 135, is the full length of the temple/arm (including the part that goes behind your ear).
Beside those numbers, you can make a measurement of the total width of the frame if you wish to change to another lens shape. This measurement should be taken from one side of the temple to the other side. Once this measurement matches your current eyeglasses (±5mm allowance), the new frame with fir you well.

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