How to choose prescription glasses?

Do you still regard prescription glasses only as an instrument to improve your vision and help you see better? If so, you are out. Nowadays, prescription glasses have become an adornment for people, especially for those women who pursue beauty all their lives. With suitable and fashionable prescription glasses, you can surely brighten up and catch others’ eyes in the street. So choosing a pair of prescription glasses that add one’s beauty is becoming more and more important. Unlike the stars that can get advice from their own coordinators, we as normal people have to choose prescription glasses by ourselves even though sometimes our choices don’t work so well. Then what’s of the most importance in choosing prescription glasses? Of curse, that is frames.

All known to all, a good pair of prescription glasses can make up the shortcomings of a face and strengthen the beauty of it. People have different types of faces, few of which are perfect, but choosing a suitable frame can help you change your appearance. Not everybody has an oval face; some have long faces, square faces or round faces. When we choose the frame of prescription glasses, we should first pay attention to the shape of it. Most people choose rimless glasses to avoid such trouble, but remember rimless prescription glasses don’t fit all. We should try to make a better choice. For example, people with long face had better choose a square frame so that the length of the face is softened. In a word, the shape of a frame should make the face appear more harmonious and adorable. Then we should decide the color of the frame. Usually black is a joker color and can fit anybody; but if you want to be special, you should choose the color according to your complexion and the color of your eyes. For example, if you are white and have brown eyes, bright colors can make you more beautiful.

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