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It is a warm spring this year. People begin to take off their heavy clothes to enjoy lying on the beach in the bright sunshine. Though I have lived besides the sea for many years, the power of sea still has a unique charm to me. It seems that every time I go to the seaside, the scenic sight looks different. I don’t know why I am so fond of looking at the sea silently and peacefully. I can even spend the whole day on the beach without doing anything. My mother worries about me because she thinks the strong sunshine will do harm to my eyes as well as my skin. She persuades me to buy a pair of sunglasses and sun cream to protect myself. I am very lazy and do not care much about these details. But since my health condition bothers my mother, I have to take her kind advice and do as she tells me.

My mother gives me some money to buy these products. But I want to keep a secret purse so that I must find a good place where I can get the cheapest products. I visit many local retail stores and I find a bottle of sun cream does not cost much but a pair of fashion sunglasses is too expensive. After buying sun cream, I have to go home to change my plan. I open the computer to search the Internet in order to know the average price of sunglasses in the market. Fortunately, I read an article written by a glasses wearer who tells reader a professional online glasses store where all kinds of eyeglasses or sunglasses are charged with lowest prices. According to the website address given in the article, I log in the store to have a close look.

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